Knitting : Navy sunglasses case (free pattern)

Pochette à lunettes tricot marine - Thermocollant ancre marine - Patron Gratuit

Maybe you're already back from holidays or you'll soon leave for a sunny destination... today I suggest a new knitting pattern to make a sunglasses case, and that one is a navy case I'm sure you'll enjoy for summer ! It's easy-to-knit and you won't need many supplies. You can even add an iron-on marine anchor patch to decorate it.


  • 1 navy blue acrylic yarn #3 or #3,5*
  • 1 white acrylic yarn #3 or #3,5*
  • 1 pair of needles #3,5
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 iron-on marine Anchor patch
  • 1 rattail cord tape
  • 1 sewing needle for knitting

*For that project I used the Pingouin Pingorex Baby 100% acrylic yarn in the shades 307 (White) et 308 (Navy Blue)



This sunglasses case is a rectangle made of 43 stitches and 55 rows knitted with striped stocking stitch, changing from blue to white every 2 rows. It is folded in two parts and sewn with a lapel to insert a rattail cord and make a drawstring. Finally an iron-on marine Anchor patch is applied as a decoration.

If you're willing to make a similar case for your sunglasses, don't hesitate to download the free pattern below.


I wish you a very nice summer and I hope you will enjoy knitting a similar case for your sunglasses. As usual, don't hesitate to send me pictures of your knits !

See you soon,


Free pattern






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