Easter DIY : small raffia nest

Raffia nest with a chocolate egg and yellow chicks - Easter #easter2015

A couple days ago I tried to make some easter decor elements using the items I bought last year (especially the little chicks from Hema that I used in the post called "an outfit for Easter"). I had some chocolate eggs and natural raffia and since several weeks now I wanted to make a nest and use it for a personnalized Easter composition.

What's interesting with that project is that you can arrange the chocolates in a nice way and use the nests to offer different compositions to your friends and family.

natural raffia straw color

You only need some raffia to make the nest. The most complicated part is the beginning of the nest because the raffia is quite thin and you want the base to be strong, so you will first use one piece of raffia and bend it every 3 cm, crossing the different sections step by step.


DIY raffia nest

You will progressively get a solid base and you will go on crossing the sections around the nest, putting the sections up and down the edges until you get a  complete nest, high enough to hold the chocolates and chicks. 


DIY raffia nest

Make sure you attach the raphia pieces with a knot to secure the nest. Once the nest is done, you can arrange your personnalized composition and add the final touch, some florist paper (crystal) to wrap the composition and a piece of curling ribbon.


Happy Easter ! Chocolate and chicks - easter present




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