Romantic bracelet

Romantic bracelet DIY

 As today is Valentine's day I thought you would enjoy reading a jewel tutorial to make a cute romantic bracelet with a lace ribbon, pearls and beads. Actually that bracelet is quite a 3 in 1 like the Hipanema cuffs as it is made with three bracelets and only 1 clasp.



Crafts supplies for bracelet - Rayher beads

To make this bracelet, you will need :

  • depending on your wrist, 5,90, 6,30 ou 6,70 inches of lace ribbon (I bought that one in a store called Zodio and it has no brand)   
  • embroidery thread in the same tones as your lace ribbon    
  • several types of beads and pearls (those ones are from Rayher)     
  • 2 flat cord ends    
  • 2 split rings and 1 carabiner clasp
  • 1 pair of scissors   
  • 1 flat nose plier
Rayher beads

Measure your wrist and subtract about 1,2 to 1,6 inches of this measure to get the length of ribbon to cut. (The installation of clasp and flat cord end is approximately 1,2 to 1,6 inches long depending on their thickness).
Then, make two bracelets : the first one alternating faceted beads and white pearls and for the second bracelet simply use brown pearls on the desired length.
I used brown seed beads at the ends of my bracelets to secure the knot that will be caught in the flat cord end. This way I make sure that the knot won't break.

Once the ribbon and bracelets are ready, you just have to assemble them using the flat cord ends. Make sure the flat cord ends are large enough for the three bracelets. You can find different tones of flat cord ends in craft stores to make them fit the color of your bracelet. For example I used a kind of vintage brass cord ends that fit the brown pearls.

To secure the knots Inside the flat cord ends I added a seed bead as I said, on which I made another knot. Make sure you don't tighten the flat cord ends too much or your will break the beads. If you don't use the beads, the embroidery thread you used may break after some days. You can also find specific beads to secure the ends of your bracelets.  

Then you just need to add the split rings and carabiner clasp to finish.

Romantic bracelet for Valentine's Day

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you'll make a lot of cute bracelets like that one !

See you soon,





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