Knitting : little pouch

January is my favorite period of the year for knitting. I always take advantage of the winter sales to redo my  stock and find great wools to knit. This month I found two wonderful yarns from Phildar, called "Tornade" and "Strass Light". I bought several yarns in different colors, but for this post I will mainly talk about the colors called "Artifice" for the "Tornade" yarn and "Œillet" for the "Strass Light" yarn.

I decided to knit a pouch for my purse, in which I can store my mini beauty products such as hand cream and lip products for example. I you are interested in making that pouch too, you will be able to download the pattern for free at the end of the post (yes it's brand new ! I'm happy to offer you free patterns on the website and I'll make a dedicated page for it).

Let's see what we need for that project and how to knit the pouch...


  • 1 Phildar yarn "Tornade" (Artifice)
  • 1 Phildar yarn "Strasslight" (Œillet)
  • Neddles #5
  • Neddles #4
  • 1 snap
  • 1 sewing needle
  • 1 pair of scissors

Stitch : garter stitch

Pieces to knit and assemble : 2 sides and 1 knot


Sides : front and back

Cast on 20 stitches, needle #5 using « Tornade » yarn.

Knit 37 rows, garter stitch (around 4,33 inches).

Go on knitting 10 rows, needle #4, garter stitch, using « Strass Light » yarn (around 0,78 inch).

Bind off.

Knit the back the exact same way.

Place both sides face to face and sew the pouch.

Return the pouch to put it in place.

Sew the snap on the inner edge of the pouch



Cast on 4 stitches, needle #5 using « Tornade » yarn.

Knit 8 rows, garter stitch (around 1,57 inches).

Go on knitting 56 rows, needle #4, garter stitch, using « Strass Light » yarn (around 6,69 inches).

Go on knitting 8 rows, needle #5, garter stitch, using « Tornade » yarn (around 1,57 inches).


Tie the knot and sew it in the middle of the edge.  


Free Pattern





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