The Neon Week #6 : How to make a handbag charm



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Bag neon charm with a feather, pearls and bulk chain
Bag neon charm with a feather, pearls and bulk chain

Hi everyone ! This post wil be the last of my "Neon Week" series. I enjoyed a lot making DIY and blogposts on the neon theme and I hope you enjoyed reading them. I'm preparing cool posts for october and I will be back soon with other videos. Today I wanted to write a DIY post on how to make handbag charms. This is the first one I made for my sports bag and I'm glad of the result. It took me around 30 minutes to do it and it was a lot of fun.


  • 1 brooch to be customized
  • 1 white feather
  • neon fabric pens (Pebeo Setaskrib)
  • neon green, yellow and pink beads
  • pearls (different sizes)
  • split rings (different sizes)
  • 1 flat cord end to attach the feather
  • 2 head pins
  • 1 bulk chain
  • embroidery thread
  • 1 wire cutter
  • 1 flat nose plier

1. The feather

First, decorate the white feather using neon fabric pens. For this, place the feather on a sheet of paper and color the ends of the feather by alternating the colors (see the blogpost about my feather earrings for further details and pictures). Then, attach the feather with a flat cord end using the flat nose plier. Finally you will add a split ring on the flat cord end in order to attach the feather on the brooch.

2. The cotton thread pompon

To make the pompon, cut several pieces of thread (about 5 cm each) in order to make it thick enough. Pass the threads through a medium split ring. Then bend the threads around the split ring (see picture above). With another thread, make a knot around your pompon, and make the thread turn again and again around the pompon. Finally add a small split ring to attach the pompon on the brooch.

3. Split rings, pearls and beads

Neon beeds

Join 2 small split rings on a medium split ring (picture above) and add one more medium split ring that you will use to attach the rings on the brooch. Prepare also 4 small split rings on which you will insert 2 beads of different colors. Place the beads rings on the brooch.

4. Beads head pins

Prepare two head pins : put a big pearl on it, then 3 different beads - pink, green, yellow - then a smaller pearl, three different beads again, and finally another small pearl. Cut the head pin around 6 mm above the last pearl. Curl the head pin to make a loop. Add a split ring to attach it on the brooch.

Finally cut two pieces of bulk chain (around 6 cm each). Add a small split ring on each chain to attach them on the brooch too.

Your handbag brooch charm is ready ! You can use it with other accessories or on a jacket for example. I hope this DIY gave you lots of creative ideas !

See you soon,


My sports handbag with charm brooch
My sports handbag with charm brooch


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