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My customized makeup brushes and brush holder - animal design and roses
My customized makeup brushes and brush holder - animal design and roses

This week I made a special DIY for you. It's all about beauty accessories and decoration. I will show you how to give a new look to your makeup brushes and make your own brush holder. Also, I have a surprise ! I prepared a video tutorial to start my YouTube channel. You will be able to watch tutorials in English and in French !

I use my makeup brushes a lot. By washing them all the time they got damaged. Now the paint on the brush handle is crumbled so I thought it was time to do something to fix it. The brushes were still in good condition so I wanted to keep them. Actually I took advantage of the situation to start a new decoration project and make accessories that match my makeup pouch.


My makeup pouch is from Six (a jewel and accessory shop). I bought it two years ago and I love it. It has an animal design and pink roses on it.

Before customizing my brushes I went to Cultura (our main craft supplies store in France) and I was looking for those animal Decopatch paper sheets because I knew they had the Panthere design - the same as on my makeup pouch. Then I saw the decorative paper towels full of flowers with the same roses as on my makeup pouch !

That's how I thought I would also make a matching brush holder. I use to store my brushes in an Indian candle jar, but why not making a new decoration ?


This DIY is very easy to do and you just have to apply the "Decopatch" technique (or mod podge). Wait at least 12 to 24 hours for the varnish to dry completely. Also, you don't need a lot of supplies for that project.



  • 1 animal design Decopatch paper
  • 1 paper towel Ambiente (Arianna Cream)
  • 1 flat brush
  • Decopatch satin varnish-glue
  • 1 glass container (for example a jam jar)

1. How to customize your makeup brushes

My brushes before :-)
My brushes before :-)

To protect my work area and let the brushes to dry I cut out two pieces of cling film. This way you're sure you won't damage the Decopatch paper while it's drying.


To start customizing your makeup brushes, cut several pieces of Decopatch paper to the size of your brushes.

Apply a first coat of varnish-glue on the brush handle. Then place a piece of Decopatch paper and apply another coat of varnish-glue. Repeat the process as often as necessary until you completely cover the handle. I told you that it was an easy-to-do project ;-)

Put your brushes on the cling film to let them to dry for at least an overnight - it depends on the amount of varnish you used, but you don't need a lot of varnish-glue to paste the paper. Make sure there is enough space between the brushes when you place them on the cling film.

My customized makeup brushes - animal design
My customized makeup brushes - animal design

And here's the result ! I have a new set of unique makeup brushes. And what I especially like is that they match my makeup pouch. You don't need a lot of things to customize your beauty items or home decor. The paper and varnish-glue are really affordable and good quality. You can easily wash your customized makeup brushes as the varnished paper is strong.

2. Homemade makeup brush holder

For the brush holder, we are going to repeat exactly the same process as for the brushes. I used a jam jar but you can use any other glass container.

The paper is thin and you can fold it easily. Press the paper a little bit to smooth it and erase the fold lines under the jar. Add another piece of paper to complete the paper coverage.

As I wanted my brush set and holder to match my makeup pouch design I cut out two roses of a decorative paper towel. Then I pasted them over each side of the jar.

Be careful when you apply varnish on the paper towels. They are thin and fragile. Don't press too much on the flat brush or you might tear them.

I advise you to let the jar to dry at least 12 hours before applying glitter on it.

I protected the jar with a piece of cling film. You want to make sure you apply glitter only on the top of the jar.

Apply some varnish-glue and pour glitter on it. The glitter I used is stored in a kind of salt-shaker which makes it easy to use. To remove the excess of glitter, simply shake the jar.

Don't put any other coat of varnish above glitter. To complete the empty spaces you can use your fingers to apply glitter. Let the jar to dry for an overnight.

Homemade makeup brush holder - animal design and rose
Homemade makeup brush holder - animal design and rose

And voilà ! The next day you will get a cute makeup set and a unique homemade decoration.

Acrylic raindrops in my makeup brush holder
Acrylic raindrops in my makeup brush holder

Before placing the brushes I put acrylic raindrops in the jar. You can find them in main decoration stores.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and maybe you will find inspiration for your home decoration ! Don't hesitate to send me your pictures on Twitter (@misshappyrose), I will be glad to see them !

See you soon,



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