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My decorative tureen

Decorative ceramic tureen on a white server with roses and a pink bird

Last month I went to my family and came back with that antique tureen that I've just renovated. I painted it and added some gold leaves. After that I choose a good place for it in the apartment and found that it would be nice to put it on a white server. Beside to it I added some roses in a vase and a cute little pink bird (Maisons du Monde).

Nobody wanted to keep this soup tureen ! It seems to be the kind of object that everyone wants to get rid off ; I made a research on the web and found 13 485 offers on a french site from people who want to sell soup tureens ! Even one of them was only 1 €, so if you like vintage objects and crafts, you may have fun renovating one of them plus you will get a precious object to decorate your hall or lobby, or add a precious touch to a beautiful furniture in your living room. 

The original aspect

Antique ceramic tureen before renovation
Flowers on the antique ceramic tureen before renovation

I don't know how old this tureen is, but when I got it, it was painted in white and orange on the edges and the main details. The flowers were painted in different colors. I wanted to make it more modern and precious using gold leaves and a little bit of pearl in the flowers painting.


Pebeo supplies for ceramic

Pébéo ceramic paint :

  • Antique white (32)
  • Pearl (30)
  • Pink (34)
  • Riche gold (15)

Gold leaves :

  • Gédéo gold leaves (Pébéo)
  • Effet+ gilding paste (Pébéo)

To renovate that decorative ceramic tureen I used a special painting for ceramics and gold leaves. First I washed the tureen with hot water and soap in order to remove dust residues then I applied a layer of antique white paint.

The paint is an air drying product, which means that it's touch dry in 1 hour but you have to let it to dry at least 8 hours before applying another layer. I applied 3 layers to completely cover the surface.

When you touch it as well as when you watch it, the result is fantastic. The surface is super smooth and shiny, and the colour is wonderful. I bought two pots of antique white but I only used one (not even an entire pot, and one pot is around 4,39 €).

My tureen after renovation - white and gold with pink flowers

For the lid, it has been a little bit longer to work on the flowers and leaves. First I had to completely cover the previous colours with antique white paint. I put two layers of paint on that surface.

One of the petals was broken so I made a new one with Premo clay. I applied the clay directly on the lid, without baking it or gluing it and I waited 2 days for the clay to become strong enough to paint it.

Then I mixed the pearl and pink paints to cover the petals, letting just a thin white line on the edges.

The lid of my tureen after renovation - white and gold with pink flowers

For the flower above on the right, I covered the edges with a tiny line of riche gold paint and I applied it as well in the center of the flower. Then I put some gold leaves on the flower leaves. I had to apply about 3 layers of leaves to get this result (which is about 1,5 gold leaves - 14 cm x 14cm).

My tureen after renovation - white and gold with pink flowers

I hope you enjoyed reading this project and I hope this will inspire you for your own decor ! Don't hesitate to send me your pictures on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and leave a comment !

Will be back soon with a new post !



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