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Homemade folder for travel documents
Homemade folder for travel documents
Scrapbooking supplies !
Scrapbooking supplies !
Scrapbooking paper Toga "Rendez-vous"
Scrapbooking paper Toga "Rendez-vous"

Hey all ! I'm back with a new DIY post. I've been missing a few weeks now but I worked hard on new projetcs and I will show you some pictures, including 2 vintage projects !


Today, here's a nice project for those who like to keep things organized. If you planned to go on holidays, you will enjoy using that homemade folder for your travel documents. It's also cool to keep important papers in your purse.


• scrapbooking paper (2 or 3 sheets) - I used 2 sheets of a TOGA collection called "Rendez-vous"

• a cardboard sheet (for example a cereal cardboard box)

• masking tape - I used some masking tape from HEMA

• double-sided tape 

• 1 pencil

• scissors

• yarn and needle

• UHU glue stick

• Cleopatra "Cléocol" glue

• satin "rattail" cord

• 1 button (I used a Dovecraft wood button)


Start cutting the folder base in the cardboard sheet. Repeat the operation with 2 scrapbooking sheets.

For this folder, I took the following dimensions :

  • 23,5 cm x 23,5 cm for the base
  • 5,4 cm x 4,4 cm for the sides that I folded in accordions


We need 3 squares of 23,5 cm for the base (cut one square in the cardbooard sheet and 2 squares in the scrapbooking paper) ; and 6 rectangles of 5,4 cm x 4,4 cm to make 2 accordions that we will place on the sides to close the folder. We will then cut 2 rectangles in the cardboard sheet and 4 rectangles in the scrapbooking paper.


You need to fold the square base into 3 parts, using the dimensions on the picture above (left side), which are one part of de 7 cm x 23,5 cm, the second of 10,7 cm x 23,5 cm and the third one of 5,8 cm x 23,5 cm.

Apply the scrapbooking paper squares on the base to repeat the same folding. Then glue the scrapbooking paper, using the UHU stick and add some "Cleocol" glue on the edges.

Do the same to glue the paper sheets on the accordions.



Apply masking tape on the edges and the top of the accordion to protect and decorate the paper.

Close the accordion using one piece of masking tape (see picture above).


Cut a small square of paper on which you will sew the button with a light pink yarn. Then put some "Cleocol" glue beneath the paper to glue the button on the folder. If you sew the button directly on the folder, you may damage the paper.


Prepare the loop, using a piece of satin "rattail" cord (about 12 cm). Make both ends meet and use a piece of masking tape to hold them together. Before placing the loop on the folder, make sure the cord is long enough to close the folder if you put a certain number of paper sheets in it.


Then put a piece of double-sided tape around the satin loop. This will help you maintain the loop inside the folder (between the cardboard base and the scrapbooking paper - see picture on the left side). Make sure you press hard enough on the tape to make it glue.


Apply the masking tape on the edges.

Using the "Cleocol" glue, place the accordions on each side of the folder. Let it dry for at least one hour.


And voilà ! Your folder is ready to hold your documents ;-)

See you soon with a new Do It Yourself post !




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