A second life for a vintage mirror



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Painted wood mirror - vintage lavender and olive
Painted wood mirror - vintage lavender and olive
Raw wood mirror
Raw wood mirror


  • acrylic paint and a brush
  • a fabric coupon (35 x 35 cm)
  • a lace ribbon
  • a purple satin ribbon
  • needle and thread to sew the cover



Here's a craft project that I made last month, with lavender and olive inspirations. I found this mirror and decided to give it a new look using paint and a fabric coupon, in order to make it more "shabby chic".


I had this cute fabric coupon with lavender and olive pattern so I made a cover for the storage box below the mirror. I took the same colors to paint the mirror with acrylic paint.


First I cleaned the mirror with a damp cloth to remove dust and I prepared my colors to paint the mirror. I made my own colors using white paint and adding shades of blue and red to make the lavender color. For the olive color I blended white, dark green and grey.

I applied two layers of olive green paint before painting the edges of the mirror with lavender paint. Once the paint dries, I highlighted the carved details with a white line and then I added a little bit of olive green on it (see below).


Finally, I sewed a cover with the lavender and olive fabric coupon, and I added a lace ribbon to create a fine border and give the mirror a more romantic look.

In order to maintain the cover inside the storage box I sewed a ribbon on each end of the cover to attach both ribbons behind the mirror.

Hand sewn slipcover - vintage lavender and olive plus lacework
Hand sewn slipcover - vintage lavender and olive plus lacework

What do you think about this new look ? Don't hesitate to leave comments.

See you soon !


Both from mediterranean origin, lavender and olive are often associated  in decoration as well as in cosmetics. Have a look at a selection of pictures on my Pinterest.


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