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My homemade Brazilian bracelet - Hipanema inspired
My homemade Brazilian bracelet - Hipanema inspired
My homemade bracelets
My homemade bracelets


It's been a long time since I worn Brazilian bracelets back in the 90's when I was at school. But the Brazilian bracelets at that time were quite different because we used to knot them to the wrist and it was impossible to take them off. I remember that I worn mines until the very last day when I had to cut them and put them to garbage because they were too damaged.


But today the craft shops got all you need to make a perfect "pro" bracelet with cool clasp and the embroidery threads are so beautiful. Now it's possible to change your bracelet everyday and match it with your outfit.


For the Brazilian bracelet I made, I used clasps that you need to pinch, which avoids making a knot after weaving. To secure the bracelet, you can use simple flat pliers. Then you just have to add the "spring rings" clasps. 

I had fun weaving a few bracelets with seed beads and embroidery thread. It allowed me to try the DMC metallic embroidery threads. I chose the "Light Gold" thread for the Brazilian woven bracelet on the main photo (above), and the  "Dark Gold" thread as a basis for my pearl bracelet. The metallic embroidery thread is to be matched with other standards threads, and I don't recommend you to weave a bracelet with a majority of metal thread. I tried and it is not very comfortable to wear, it tends to sting the skin.

On Pinterest, I selected a set of pictures of Brazilian bracelets, I find all super nice, of course there is the Hipanema brand. I think this brand has completely revived this type of bracelets. And when you do not necessarily have the means to buy an original Hipanema bracelet, you can have fun making one by yourself with a little equipment.

You can find DIY on most fashion blogs or creative blogs so I'm not going to propose a DIY here, unless I find something original to show you  ;-)
In the meantime I let you admire the photos on my Pinterest and feel free to leave comments and share your creations on facebook or twitter. 

See you soon!


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