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Recently I saw The Great Gatsby (I know it's a little bit late but, it's better than never !), and like in almost every period movie, it's my pleasure to admire the costumes and the photography. The 1920's are one of the most interesting periods for fashion, full of imagination and novelty. They used to wear sequins, beads and feathers on their clothes and on the hair jewelry.


I decided to make a Gatsby-inspired headband like the one worn per Daisy in a party scene. I didn't mean to make the same headband so I drew an inspired headband, with the same jewelry structure, having 3 feathers, a circular jewel and several branches of beads and perls going down near the ear.



 The circlular jewel is made with weaven beads on a little piece of fabric. For the headband I assembled two ribbons with textile glue and sewn a sequin cord on it. The pink beads are called "butterfly beads" (from Rayher). They are as big as two regular beads and curved on the ends. To tie the headband I sewed a thiner ribbon at both ends.


  • 2 ribbons (cream color and powder pink)
  • 3 pink feathers
  • 1 gold sequins cord
  • 6 headpins (earring supplies)
  • 1 clip to attach the feathers
  • cream, pink and gold beads
  • 1 little piece of fabric
  • needle and thread to weave the beads
  • textile glue to assemble the ribbons


The Great Gatsby - Daisy (Carey Mulligan)
The Great Gatsby - Daisy (Carey Mulligan)



I would like to share with you a song, which is part of The Great Gatsby OST.

Lana Del Rey : Young and Beautiful



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