An outfit for Easter



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Easter dress, ballerinas and flower headband
Easter dress, ballerinas and flower headband


  • Bouton d'Or yellow wool yarn
  • Katia Baby blue wool yarn
  • Bergère de France "Porcelaine" wool yarn
  • Blue and white "Celebrate" ribbon
  • 2 small blue buttons
  • Rayher fabric flower


(Plain knitting)



For Easter I knitted an overall dress - size 3 months - plain knitting. I chose a yellow wool that reminded me of the little yellow chicks that are often seen at easter in the windows of chocolate shops. I also found little yellow chicks at Hema for my photo. They're so cute!

With the dress, I knitted baby booties, also size 3 months and a headband on which I sewed a fabric flower. The headband is based on a cap pattern that was in a PHILDAR and Marie Claire  book called "Baby birth gifts" - "Cadeaux de naissance" in French. For the baby booties I used a pattern from the book "Baby Booties" of Bergère de France and Marie Claire. ("Chaussons de bébé" in French).

I didn't used a pattern for the dress. I knitted a skirt, then I binded off stitches on each side keeping the center stitches before proceeding straight on to knit the square front. I binded off all remaining stitches, then I sewed two buttons to fasten the suspenders that I knitted from the back of the skirt.


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