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Handmade box to store fabric coupons
Handmade box to store fabric coupons


  • 1 cardboard box  (this one was my iron box)
  • colored kraft paper
  • different masking tape bands
  • 1 ribbon
  • 1 pair of scissors and a cutter
  • 1 rule
  • florist paper (crystal)


In continuation of my recycling ideas I made a little box to store the fabric coupons that I purchased from Modes & Travaux. I used an old cardboard box that I covered with kraft paper. To see the pretty coupons placed in the box, I cut a window to the front, then I added a piece of florist paper to protect the coupons from dust. Finally I used two pieces of ribbon to close the box with a knot.


If you want to make the same box at home, follow the steps below :

1. Cut all the stabs on the lid and inside the box.

2. Cut a window on the front of the box. Use a rule, a pen and a cutter if needed.

3. Cover the box with kraft paper and use some masking tape to  maintain it (like for wrapping a present). You will have to cut the paper around the lid and the window.

4. Cover the edges of the box, the lid and the window with masking tape (see pictures above).

5. Cut a piece of florist paper (bigger than the window).

6. Place the paper inside the box against the window and maintain it with masking tape.

7. Using the cutter of scissors, make two notches to the ribbon width, above the window and on the lid of the box. 

8. Cut to pieces of ribbon (10cm each), and insert them through the notches. Maintain them with masking tape. 


Now your box is ready ! I Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  



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