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Customized box
Customized box

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In march, I thought it would be fun to customize a round box and make a cute gift box to offer a present or decorate baby's room.


1 round box to customize (recycling or craft shop)
Some sheets of Decopatch paper
Some paper towels for craft

Varnish glue
1 flat brush to apply the varnish
• 1 pair of scissors to cut paper strips
1 criterion
1 large plastic rule
1 ribbon
1 eyelet
1 eyelet setter



  • Some newspaper to protect the work surface
  • Gloves to protect from glue

Step 1 : cut out paper strips

Prepare the paper strips in advance, it will be easier to glue them.

As you can see I have cut paper strips and round shapes to the size of the lid and bottom of the box, as well as bigger strips for the inside and outside of the box.

I advice you to cut at least 2 layers of paper towels because they get more transparent after applying the varnish.

I had to put 3 layers of paper towels to hide the printed inscriptions on my box.

Step 2 : cover the box

Once the paper strips are cut out, put the varnish-glue on the surface to be covered.

Go step by step : glue the bottom of the box with a first layer of varnish, put the Decopatch paper and apply a new coat of varnish on the Decopatch paper. And proceed the same way for each surface to be coated.
Let dry completely before applying the second layer of towels on the outside. Let dry overnight between the second and the third layer.
For a more precise finish, apply a strip of towel on the inside edge of the box and lid.

Step 3 : set the eyelet and the ribbon


The eyelet protects the hole made on the lid for the ribbon. I used an eyelet setter, which also allows you to punch holes. More information


Once the eyelet is set, cut about 8 inches of ribbon.

Fold the ribbon in half and tie a knot with the ends.
Thread the ribbon through the eyelet.
Place the lid, and your box is ready!

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