My customized wool basket



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Customized wool basket
Customized wool basket


  • 1 fruit basket (poplar wood basket)
  • 2 masking tape bands : 1,5 cm and 3 cm


That used to be a fruit basket. I love the way it's made, and I couldn't throw it away. If you like crafts and decoration, you will enjoy re-using that kind of basket to store your supplies. It takes only 5 minutes to customize it and store yarns, notepads or paint tubes.


To customize it, you only need 2 bands of masking tape. I bought the 3 cm band at Hema, and the 1,5 cm at Cultura. That one is made with adhesive fabric.


One and only advice for that very simple DIY : press down firmly on the bands because the masking tape can easily unstick.



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