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Homemade knitting needles holders
Homemade knitting needles holders


1 paper roll tube 
1 cardboard piece cut round to the bottom of the box

 Kraft paper
2 masking tape rolls
• 1 pair of scissors
Several marbles to stabilize the tube


Handmade object : what better way to store your knitting supplies ! 
These storage tubes for knitting needles are very easy to do. 

1. Cut a circle in a cardboard piece to the size of bottom of the tube (you can use a compass)
2. Place the cardboard circle on the bottom of the tube and tie with a piece of masking tape or scotch
3. Cut kraft paper to the size of the tube 
4. Place kraft paper on the tube and attach it with masking tape
5. Use a large masking roller to maintain the kraft paper vertically, and use the thin masking tape for the edges
6. Insert a few marbles in the tube to stabilize it and then place the knitting needles inside the tube


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